Going strong right from the start

The low cost segment in private car rental offers by far the the greatest potential for growth. No matter what brand, customers increasingly opt for offers with the lower price while still expecting the service and quality to comply with the norm.

By joining GLOBAL Rent-a-Car our partners have the right answer to this growing demand. With GLOBAL Rent-a-Car, as a leading or a secondary brand, you have a modern, international and favourable alternative in your marketing tool-kit.

Your benefits

Our success is your success and vice versa. That’s why we focus on a close collaboration based on partnership going far beyond existing franchise systems. Together we tap new market potentials in the low cost segment and help and support you to remain successful in the growing competition with the big rental agencies. Please note that no franchise fees are charged on your existing business. You only have to pay for the plus generated through us.

We offer you a custom-made license system, as nobody knows the requirements on site better than you. Hence, GLOBAL Rent-a-Car is a license brand that gives you the flexibility and freedom pertinent to your individual situation and needs.

GLOBAL Rent-a-Car is a real alternative for car rental in the franchise market. We see it as part of our task to establish a healthy counterbalance to the companies currently dominating the market. The focus of all our efforts is not the shareholder value, but explicitly the success of our franchisees. Your individual strengths and our experience combined with our international networks will ensure a sustainable and healthy growth of GLOBAL Rent-a-Car.

One objective

Globally visible, locally tangible.

GLOBAL Rent-a-Car gives your car rental company a new image across the world without having to lose your identity on site. 

With a modern, professional and versatile appearance we will introduce and increase the visibility of GLOBAL Rent-a-Car as a brand in all the important markets of the world. Through clever and focussed marketing GLOBAL Rent-a-Car will be positioned as an advanced and independent challenger in the low cost segment of car rental.

The worldwide uniform website www.global-renta-car.com serves as the central contact point for all partners and customers. The site opens the door to requests from all over the world and provides your potential customers with a simple and fast way to book a car.

A style guide, specifically developed for GLOBAL Rent-a-Car, ensures a consistent brand experience – from the customer ordering a car to the delivery at your local station. The design manual takes both the purpose of a modern brand and the practical realities of your location into consideration.

GLOBAL Rent-a-Car will give the car rental business a new look all over the world.